In the end of 2013 i started riding for Destroy Bikes

Since day one i knew what i wanted on a Frame:
a non grind sided frame where i could do every single grind trick regular and switch without breaking chains and sprockets.

Over the past 6 months i have been testing the frame,

This video is a result of the test and if you want to see how the frame handled it, make sure you meet meet me Next Saturday , May 10th at Redbull Ride + Style in San Francisco, California.

Destroy bikes will be there selling the all new BRAINIAC , ZEROSEN and the 2014 UNICORN KILLER frames.

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In the beginning of March Ennui gave me the opportunity to fly to Barcelona to film this Riding / lifestyle video and the promo video for my Signature frame, The brainiac, coming out real soon by destroy bicycles.

for those of you who dont know me. i have been skating for over 3 decades and after a couple of foot injuries i started a new adventure with fixed gear freestyle bikes, as you can see in this video the NEO FOOTIES are my favorite ENNUI article and i usually say "without these things on my feet, i wouldn't be able to ride, thanks Ennui for making my life a whole lot better".

Filming: Diogo Maymone and Fernando Gomarin Olaiz
Editing: Ricardo Lino
Music : Aven e Rrom . Khanci dos Budapest

also staring "Duda" (the dog)

Here you go, a brand new desktop wallpaper DESTROY x RICARDO LINO 

download it HERE

Opposite 2 peg - shot by: Duarte Lima in Lisbon, Portugal
During last week i was in the north of Portugal and couldn´t loose the opportunity to go to one of my favourite park in Portugal, Felgueiras skate park.

 I have been dreaming about an higher bottom bracket frame for almost 3 years now, by that time i was learning crooked grinds and it was annoying only being able to do it on one side of my bike, so with the end of THE GRIME i talked with a couple of frame builders about my idea and Sean Eagleton from Destroy Bikes got really excited with the idea of trying new things on a frame,  so as i am  really excited to start making part of the Destroy Bikes family....

well 4 months later here it is:

THE BRANIAC FRAME IS BUILT and its now time to test it as hard as possible.

Had The opurtunitie to come back to África for skate/bike/blade shows,

the main Goal is to promote the energy drink SPEED And i have been loving it over here

one of my all time favourite clothing brands just got into the bike scene by joining one to Europe´s best urban bike brands right now on a project called  " Ucon x 8bar | The 'federleicht’ bike collaboration"

this is a MUST SEE!!! and off course you should all give your self a good moment and check:
Hi there everyone, 

Right now I'm beginning of the preparation for WESTJAM 3!!!

The european Fixed freestyle scene needs a strong event happening in Europe so as the whole industry needs to have more and more BIG events happening worldwide.. SO, LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!

WESTJAM 3 should happen in 2014 summer in a new skatepark right by the Beach in sunny Lisbon.

in order to make it as BIG as possible i want to send a personal invitation to everyone, so please leave a comment here with your email, or send us an email

email us your friends emails too.

there should be an website dropping before the end of 2013 with more informations about the event.

P.S. if you run a company or know someone who runs one and its interested in being part of such an important event please email us.

I started rollerblading about 30 years and by that time i could never think this shoe with wheels would ever take me anywhere , either i would think i could ever do something for the future of this sport.

November 1st make sure you watch this documentary film with lots of life lessons in it.

I am curremtly in Luanda, Angola. The Goal for this trip is to teach kids how to skate and do demos for them.

until now I'm enjoying this experience a lot but I got to admit this is no joke here. the most ghetto place I could imagine is heaven compared to Luanda.

check more photos on #africaninlineexperience